Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Library Day in the Life - Wednesday

Team review
I started today with some thinking. The division I work in, Information Services, is having a reflective review of the last 6 months at a meeting next week. My team (Eservices) has 10 minutes to report back. We devise a way of getting the whole team to speak, and I create a Prezi to help show off our achievements.

I've been a bit mischievous and put 'Collections' as the theme, because although there is a very healthy Collections team already in IS, we've done more and more in this area and it ties together all the themes we've been working on.

We send a monthly newsletter to our academic liaison departments. Here's the one I sent out today:

It triggers some questions about ejournals, which is a good sign - it means people read the newsletter!

Bane of my life. Manage to arrange a bank transfer to India for some data we're buying, and try to work out why a Swiss bank sent us some money back. No transaction ever seems to go smoothly, but everything adds up eventually.

Meet the boss
We're such a busy department that days easily fly by without touching base with my manager. I get some time with her and make sure she knows what we're up to - we're moving really fast at the moment so it's important to keep her informed. We also talk over some important plans for the future - though we always seem to be doing that!

Training, humpf
Several of the people booked on my training class pull out at the last minute, so it doesn't go ahead. It's nice in a way to have the hour back, but I really enjoy training so it's disappointing.

Everyday has some repository work in it these days. Today (and this isn't unusual) it's me throwing ideas at Neil, the repository manager and hoping some of them make sense. We hatch a plan to do a really neat job with working paper series which should come in handy in a few weeks time for something else. On the fly strategic thinking, if you will.

Another hour and half on call. Mixed bag today, nothing that exciting and nothing that difficult. A good away draw then.

Canned Searches
This is the sort of thing I really enjoy. All of our databases are given special entries in their MARC records to denote which departments would find them useful. With the help of our expert Library Systems Manager Michael, we find a good way to display that field in Vufind, our Library catalogue overlay. I'm going to show everyone the prototype on Friday.

Plan for tomorrow
I'm at the RCS Event: Research Management - Smoothing the Way, all day tomorrow, so the blog will be the write up of that.

Wednesday review
One of those inbetween days today - no great leaps but doing the day-to-day groundwork that hopefully pays off in the end. My job, as I see it, is only half about the status quo. Yes, I need to keep things working, but the exciting stuff is the development work. The improvements we can bring about are the achievements I enjoy the most.

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